St Valentine candlelight dinner, with love…

What is love? The eternal question! Sometimes, love is a life journey and the longest road to home. We enter it timidly, with carefully measured steps. Time, when love is all about romantic gestures and surprises, the best time to be in love!

So even if you’re older and more mature now, let’s agree, that there’s no classier way to surprise your loved ones, like a nice candlelight dinner, prepared with a secret ingredient, called love 🙂

Find time to lose yourself in what you love
A little sign, that I snapped in the Body Worlds museum in Amsterdam

Here are my suggestions for your St. Valentine candlelight dinner menu, I’ve tried to make a quick selection of things for everybody, I hope you like it:

Easy St. Valentine’s candlelight dinner

  • Mango salad (one whole freshly cut fruit, basil, goat cheese, balsamic vinegar). If you cannot get a mango, you can replace it with pineapple. blood orange or grapefruit.
  • T-bone steak, with potatoes in butter and fresh greens (any kind of baby leaf salad, seasoned to taste)
  • Dessert: Favourite ice-cream with chocolate sauce; seasonal fruits with cream, yogurt (Bulgarian, Greek or Turkish style)

Meat-lovers and dinner menu, excellent with red wine

  • Cesar salad with chicken, classical recipe with romaine lettuce, Cesar dressing, anchovies and croutons
  • Pork or veal BBQ ribs, with baked potatoes and pickled gherkins/cornichons (about 1.2kg or 2 and a half lbs of meat, well marinated in your favourite BBQ sauce, get the smallest potatoes, and sour pickled cucumbers or any kind of pickles of your choices)
  • For desert, after such a feast, it would be wise to get some Sorbet (possibly with some champagne, or some soda, if you don’t drink alcohol, poured on top of it); alternatively you can replace the Sorbet with fresh strawberries or raspberries
Wall of love in Paris
The Wall of love in Paris

Pescatarian dinner menu for two

  • Salmon sashimi with cherry tomatoes and shallot (you can replace the salmon with tuna or cod)
  • Grilled sea bass with fennel, lemon or asparagus risotto
  • Pineapple carpaccio with vanilla dressing

Vegetarian St. Valentine’s dinner menu

  • Mixed platter with cheeses, pickles, bread and spreads – get your favourite Rustic bread, pita, chiabata, baguette or whatever kind bread you like, mix of picked veggies, cheeses and get olive paste, guacamole, hummus, flavoured oil and butter, baba ganoush, basil pesto, cream cheese to spread on the bread
  • Stuffed zucchini with mixed vegetables in tomato sauce (before you bake the zucchini, cut in half and replace the middles with veggie mix of your choice – mushrooms, bell peppers, corn, peas, cauliflower, broccoli, etc.)
  • Yogurt with fresh berries

Minimalistic vegan St. Valentine’s dinner menu

  • Red cabbage with pears salad
  • Pumpkin ravioli with sage (cook the ravioli, then glaze them in a skillet, in sage flavoured olive oil)
  • Coconut cake or tapioca with soy milk

St. Valentine, doesn’t need to be the only time of the year, when you cook for your loved ones, because cooking is the best, and probably the easiest, way to display affection for those special people in your life, every day! And if you’re not into writing Valentines, or flowers are too fancy, don’t forget that you can always use chocolates as a gateway to showing them, that you love them 🙂

Happy St. Valentine’s day!

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