Body Worlds

Sometimes we need someone, to push ourselves to do something, which we desire for long time, but we’re not entirely sure if it’s worth the effort. Having the company of a friend was the solution and Body Worlds, Amsterdam was the destination.

An elevator, accompanied by a sign with the exhibition names on all six floors, welcomes you as you enter. The journey goes from top to bottom, the first floor being Coordination. Composed of the nerve, blood and bone systems, represented by some of the most fascinating human, figuratively and literally speaking, exhibitional chef-d’œvres ever created.

From the very way in which the corpses, happily donated by fellow philanthropists, are prepared and preserved, is absolutely head-spinning! Each and every of the exhibits takes to create, more than a year or about 1500 hours, for a whole team of talented and diligent people.

Hanging on the doors and walls and, as you walk down the stairs, you see various philosophical and thought-provoking signs, reminding about the important things in life, asking us questions, such as “What makes you happy lately?”.

Seeing the orchestration of your internals, somehow happens to be an unexpectedly positive and energising experience, a reminder of how fragile a person can be, at the same time lifts your spirit, as you remember, that you also can be very strong and the potential locked within your body. A motivation to do something better for yourself, to do something for others, leave a mark, write a book, build a road, plant a tree or, maybe, simply donate your body to a museum, to educate others, by becoming an instrument of science.

The phrase that inspired this publication, about my visit to Body Worlds hangs on the wall of the museum and says “What matters is inside us! ”

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