Body Worlds

Sometimes we need someone, to push ourselves to do something, which we desire for long time, but we’re not entirely sure if it’s worth the effort. Having the company of a friend was the solution and Body Worlds, Amsterdam was the destination.

An elevator, accompanied by a sign with the exhibition names on all six floors, welcomes you as you enter. The journey goes from top to bottom, the first floor being Coordination. Composed of the nerve, blood and bone systems, represented by some of the most fascinating human, figuratively and literally speaking, exhibitional chef-d’œvres ever created.

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Midday in Paris

There is nothing better, than to visit a busy, tourist city during low season. Backpack with a few clothes, a book, my laptop, the feeling that now’s the right moment, a train ticket to Gare du Nord and the excitement: Finally Paris, bring me to the French capital!

We come on a Saturday, a day for the French to protest, resembling almost a military situation, you can feel the escalation of tension between the protesters and the police, as soon as you exit Gare du Nord. Now’s the best time to see the beauty of Paris, a Paris, without tourist deceptions, the real Paris! Walking aside the blockade starting from La place de la Concorde, stretching through the famous Avenue des Champs-Élysées,  all the way to L’arc de Triomphe, in the Eye of the storm, I witnessed the struggle of the police to resolve the conflict, just a typical Parisian Saturday…

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