It’s a kind of Magic

This blog is about cooking, culinary thoughts and at the same time, a traveling guide.

Because what is food, without a trip in search for it, meeting new people, cultures, and of course develop new recipes.

An old proverb says: “You are only human, when you’re on the road” and for chefs I would add “in never ending search for new ingredients, techniques and culinary habits”.

This time, I’m taking you to London

Colourful, crowded, busy, with big variety of markets, and small groceries. I spend 3 days and got a handful of new impressions. Met incredible people, walked through neighbourhoods filled with street art. Discovered a hipster community village in the middle of the city, where, over a cup of coffee, discussed how London is such a unique place.

I went to a 1920’s themed party, where all people dressed fancy, slick and smooth. I visited Brick Lane Market and was amazed by the variety of street food – dishes from all around the Globe – from China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand to Morocco, Turkey and the Middle East, and of course your healthy portion of hot dogs, burgers and everything European – something for everyone. Had cocktails at a sky bar, overlooking St Paul’s cathedral. And of course, walked and walked and walked…

I left London, but London will never leave my heart. A unique crossroad of cultures, with its architecture and all the art, that can be seen in this magnificent city, which definitely deserve your attention.

Go, see it! Get Lost and find your own London! Give it a chance to enchant you and don’t forget your camera!

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