Hurry up

Vienna is incredible. Although every person is different and have their own preferences, dreams and deeply hidden intimate desires, I don’t think, that there’s a more attractive and fairy place to be during Christmas. If until now, I couldn’t say that definitely, after my visit to Vienna and seeing its magnificence, spinned me up and swallowed me whole on its carousel of beauty.

Definitely give Vienna a chance if you can. Make sure to take your time and walk around the city and it will repay itself appropriately. It will fill your soul with Christmas spirit and your heart with warmth, and your stomach… oh, from where should I begin this fairytale? Tafelspitz, Kaiserschmarrn, Marillenknoedel or Goulash? Maybe with the famous Sachertorte, the hundreds of different Christmas cookies, or the variety of mulled wines and punches?

For me Vienna was the perfect Christmas fairytale – magical time spent with my loved ones, cold rinks, warm drinks, bevy of different delicious foods, crowds of slightly drunk and very cheerful and smiling people (sometimes singing Christmas carols). To me, Vienna is culture, traveling back in time, royal greatness, Baroque and Gothic, classical music and love… Vienna is a dream, a swan, a moment of joy, you hope will never end.

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