Christmas Im/possible

This article is a bit different, because it’s dedicated to all my colleagues, who most probably, won’t be able to celebrate the holidays.

On one side, there’re the Christmas flavours, the shared moments and the food, the coziness and warmth of home, the spark in the eyes of family and friends. On the other, there are all these people, for whom Christmas means extra stress and endless working hours in the kitchen.

People, who make a Master Plan, they calculate, prepare orders and try to figure how to make this year’s holiday dinner more interesting and remembering than the previous.

What efforts and planning does it cost? As a professional chef, I’ll tell you that it’s worth every teardrop of blood and sweat, every minute in the heat of the kitchen – it’s all worth it. This is how my last 10 Christmas eves looked like anyway – sweating hour after hour in the kitchen, because when you love what you do, then it doesn’t matter how hard it is!

There’s nothing that can replace the feeling of satisfaction, having a Christmas beer with the crew, after a successful evening of excellent service, thinking back about the smiling faces of the customers, just makes all the stress and tiredness fade away… “Well done, guys! You should be proud of yourselves!”…

And the Christmas becomes possible…

Cooking in a restaurant, like in the army, requires solid teamwork. There are a lot of rules, it’s never easy, but the satisfaction of the accomplished results and the knowledge that your loyal comrades have your back is incomparable.

As much as I hope that these thoughts are going to reach my fellow cooks around the World, I hope they reach as well their family and friends, as a means to explain, that without you – our close ones – nothing of what we do really matters. You’re the ones supporting us, the ones that are proud of us, even though, that we’re never home. That we miss the most important occasions in our lives, because we have to cook for somebody else. But you still keep waiting for us to come back home, tired and a bit tipsy. I cannot imagine, how much this must cost?!

At the end I want to tell to all my fellow cooks, chefs, the waiters, the girls at reception and the coat room, to the guys that clean the dishes, everybody who work in and for the kitchen, who will stay on the line again this year and will say “Show must go on”…

Let Christmas be possible!

And so my friends, steal a beer from the bar, well deserved after the long shift, smile… Cheers! I drink to you!

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