Vienna awaits

In the last days of the final month of the passing year, let me take you on a journey, to brighten the remaining days until Christmas, with festive spirit  After we have mixed the stollen dough, we head to Vienna, a fairy place to discover culinary delights and find presents at beautiful Viennese Christmas markets.

Infected with festive spirit and in a great mood, I’m traversing the magically peaceful streets of Vienna, which enchant me with their decorations, the smiling people and the brilliant preparations for upcoming winter holidays.

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Harvest time

Autumn, this beautiful season, when everything in the nature is meant to die…. only to be resurrected in the spring.

The season might be the best time to find a great variety of seasonal products and herbs. These are the days, when  we go around muddy forest and leaf covered paths, searching for wild mushrooms and the last forest fruits.

The time, when we collect oysters along the coast, at tide, or  just searching through the farmers markets, to sense the smell of baked apples, marinated pickles and dry charcuterie. My favourite time in Autumn  is to walk there with a pack of roasted chestnuts in my hand, choosing the best pumpkin for soup,  or just nourishing  my  senses through the eyes. I want to present you two of my favourite autumn recipes for something fast and sweet:  Pumpkin mousse and Stuffed apples with Marzipan.


Christmas Im/possible

This article is a bit different, because it’s dedicated to all my colleagues, who most probably, won’t be able to celebrate the holidays.

On one side, there’re the Christmas flavours, the shared moments and the food, the coziness and warmth of home, the spark in the eyes of family and friends. On the other, there are all these people, for whom Christmas means extra stress and endless working hours in the kitchen.

People, who make a Master Plan, they calculate, prepare orders and try to figure how to make this year’s holiday dinner more interesting and remembering than the previous.

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